Special events


Providing supervision for all aspects of the event production.



Providing and coordinating skilled professionals: architects, photographers, casting directors, creative designers, visual merchandisers, audio, digital, film, lighting and video experts.

Food & Beverage

Caterer selection and management (providing the catering company with guidelines, customized menu development, overseeing the table mise en place, coordination of the material needed etc).


Managing of a preliminary budget based on the figures of the forecast, compilation of a detailed budget with category breakdown, negotiation with suppliers and budget monitoring.


Scouting, negotiation and management of a location that reflects both a brand/client’s identity as well as the strategic message of each project.

Image tools & mailing

Overseeing save the date, invitation, signposting, catalogs, table number, coat check tags, signage, packaging together with guest master list and rsvp.


Host, security, waiters, cleaning, casting, fittings, valet service, grooming and wardrobe selection and organisation. 


Coordination of the music designer/performer, retrieval of specific soundtrack on purpose for the event etc


Flowers, vases, lighting, furniture, décor elements layout review (such as step and repeat wall, billboards) etc


Supervision of the respect of the fixed format, guidelines, timing and detailed scheduling. 

Team work

Coordination between the different parties involved in the organization of the event. Supplying of necessary and updated information through relating material and meeting report redaction for the different players.



Gift, permits, handling relationship with partners (such as charity, magazines), socialites, celebrities, insurance, talent and vip travel and logistics etc





Retrieval of data and materials related to different categories (e.g. stylist, location, photographers, music designer, flower designer, production houses, casting directors).

Hands on & after

Comprehensive on-site management, coordination of the progress of the set up, constant follow up on production and technical crews. Post event follow-up and event documentation.