About Me

I have been operating in the field of events on a worldwide basis since 2001 with a strong background in the luxury sector having been responsible of ww Gucci special events since then. I am working as a freelance as of 2015 and I hope to extend the areas of competencies to new environments such as non profit organizations.

I am experienced in production, management and coordination of a wide range of projects such as fashion shows, trunk shows, store openings, in store cocktails, charitable and art initiatives, concerts, retail events, brand and product launches, parties, dinners, sponsorships, conferences, film premieres, press presentations, benefits. I manage the strategy, pre-production, coordination, on-site execution and post production of the event’s aspects ensuring comprehensive cross-disciplinary consistency, seamless organization and impeccable timing.

Since early childhood I have had a strong passion in travelling to remote locations where I build close relationships with the population, listen to voices unheard, learn their heritage and values and try to grasp the overall meaning of human lives. I have always been keen on photojournalism as a tool to describe our world by highlighting its contradictions together with hidden and unseen nature beautis.